Whisky Water Droppers - The Kelpies



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The Kelpies in Falkirk featuring the two equine heads with a blue, watery tint.

These iconic structures bring two legendary spirits together, The Water Horse and The Angels' Share. "from one spirit to another"

In the same way as our other dropper designs, our droppers allow fine control on adding a drop of water to your favourite spirit.

These droppers are exclusively available at The Kelpies & The Helix Visitor Centre or on our website right here.

For more info on The Kelpies visit their website 

Why add water to your whisky? well, why not! experts say that adding just a few drops opens up the whisky and allows you to smell and taste aromas

 Please note the price is for one Kelpie dropper only. Choose either 'Head Up' or 'Head Down'.

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