Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a summary of frequently asked questions about our products. We hope they help: 

  • What size is the Angel? ~ 70mm height x 40mm width Boxed it weighs 100g
  • What size is the Whisky Dropper? ~ 200mm length x 20mm width it is also boxed and comes with "how to use" instructions and link to our instruction video Boxed 56g
  • Why can't I get at the whisky inside? ~ It's not your whisky, it's the Angels'!
  • Do they come boxed? ~ Yes, all our products are in luxurious boxes with velvet foam lining.
  • What Whisky is inside? ~ In all our generic angels we use genuine Scotch Whisky 40% ABV
  • Do the products come with information? ~ Yes, all our products come with our story.
  • Are they handmade? ~ Yes,100% by our craftsmen in Scotland.
  • How do you seal the whisky in without it combusting? ~ Ahhh, nearly got us there....that's our Trade Secret it's what make them really special!
  • Can I get them anywhere else?  No one else makes them, our designs are protected, they are pretty special although we do supply some major distilleries and retailers, see our Stockists page for details.
  • What is delivery time? ~We use a courier service for our glass so it is normal next day - or 2/3 working days within the UK. Check our shipping information for full details.