Quiz Answers...

1. Which London Tube line is Angel Islington On?
A - City Line
B - Jubilee Line
C - Northern Line

2. Where will you find the worlds highest waterfall, The Angel Falls?
A - Argentina
B - Chile
C - Venezuela

3. The Glenfarclas distillery produces a no age statement single malt whisky called 105 Cask Strength. What percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV) is it?
A - 60%
B - 55%
C - 65%

4. What distillery name translates to “hill of the juniper” from Gaelic?
A - Glenfarclas
B - Tomatin
C - Tamnavulin

5. What is the main grain in Canadian Whisky?
A - Barley
B - Triticale
C - Rye

6. What is the nickname of the witch in Tam O’ Shanter?
A - Tam
B - Cutty Sark
C - Maggie

7. Which city had the nickname Auld Reekie?
A - Edinburgh
B - Glasgow
C - Perth

8.“Angel Has Fallen” was a Hollywood movie starring Scottish Actor - Gerard Butler, but which film came first?
A - Olympus has Fallen
B - Angel has Fallen
C - London has Fallen

9. Which Scottish town is the centre of a region, once known as the "Whisky Capital of the World" when it had some thirty or more distilleries, but which now has only three - Springbank, Glen Scotia and Glengyle.
A - Campbeltown
B - Fort William
C - Dumfries

10. Which of these whisky distilleries is not on the Isle of Islay?
A - Bunnahabhain
B - Benromach
C - Ardbeg

11. Edradour, the smallest whisky distillery in Scotland, is in which town?
A - Craigellachie
B - Pitlochry
C - Tomintoul

12. What word is missing from the name of this single malt whisky from Speyside: "The _________ of Auchroisk"?
A - Connoisseur
B - Singleton
C - Perfection

13. Which single malt whisky is made by the Sixteen Men of Tain?
A - Glenmorangie
B - Glenfiddich
C - Glen Grant

14. What is ground malt barley called?
A - Wort
B - Grist
C - Wheest

15. How many bottles of whisky are exported from Scotland every second?
A - 724
B - 150
C - 34