Distillery Reflections - Whisky Homeware


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We are delighted to showcase an excellent glass collaboration between local glass artist Emma Fitzgerald and Angels' Share Glass. Whisky Homeware.

These beautiful artists' impressions of your favourite distilleries are exquisitely lit with a whisky-scented candle and are enhanced by a real oak stave made from whisky barrels and a Spirits Glass to allow you to 


We have captured each reflection in fused glass and each piece is truly unique. the scene is made up of tiny pieces of fused glass completed by Angels' Share Glass to form this wonderful homeware set.

Each piece is made to order, so please pre-order in time for your gifting event.

Made from tiny individual pieces of glass, these reflections evoke memories.

Emma Fitzgerald was originally a science teacher and has honed her skills in fused glass. Emma uses several glass forms to capture the architectural detail of these spellbinding scenes. The Angels' Share team then finish the glass panel with their signature Spirits glass and local coppers create the high-fashioned oak barrel stave.

Each piece is packaged in a beautifully secure foam and velvet-lined gift box for safe travel and presentation. Packaging Size  320mm x 240mm

Each reflection consists of: an artist's impression fused glass panel, Angels' Share Spirits glass, a Whisky scented candle, and a finished oak barrel stave. These products are unique pieces and may differ every time. These are artists' impressions and are not endorsed by the brand or distillery.

These pieces are made to order and we can accommodate special commissions, just let us know what distillery you'd like.


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