Since it is Be An Angel Day on Saturday the 22nd of August, we thought we would take this time to honour some of our older Angels.

Over the last 7 years, we have produced a vast array of different angels. These Angels are all unique and range from Rainbow Angels to Devil's Cask Angels - all with an individual look and of course a unique whisky contained within.

You also may be wondering 'what is the angels' share?'
Well, during the maturation process of whisky it is expected that almost 2% of whisky is lost from the oak cask. Distillers still believe in this angelic story and so accept that heaven has a love of whisky, as much as the world.

Birthstone / Anniversary Whisky Angels (As Shown Above)
One for every month of the year! Our Birthstone Whisky Angels are not only unique but precious gifts for any birthday or anniversary. Real gemstones set in a halo style, sterling silver setting. Finished with matching coloured wings and a platinum halo.

Rainbow Angel (As Shown Above)
Our signature Angels’ Share Angel is also available holding a rainbow charm, a symbol of hope. This new variant of our classic angel would make the perfect gift for anyone during this time.


All of our Angels are also available on a Wooden Oak Stave and with the option of personalisation. You can personalise your product or even the stave that your Angel sits on - making the perfect gift for someone special.