How often do you take the time to write a positive review or simply compliment someone when you’ve received good customer service or a product which has exceeded your expectations?

A quick poll of friends and family suggests we’re generally quicker to complain about a bad product or service than we are to take the time to pay a compliment about a good experience!

Yet compliments by their very nature can create so much positive energy.

People and companies benefit from being complimented – by knowing their hard work and expertise has been noticed and valued. Meanwhile, the giver benefits from the motivation they give the other person to keep striving to do their best and win more praise.

At Angels’ Share Glass, we’re lucky that so many of our valued customers regularly leave lovely reviews on our website. And they particularly seem to like giving five-star reviews to our unique whisky water droppers.

These were recently described as “Perfect” by Max Penfold who wrote: “Just perfect for measuring the right amount of water for your dram. A quality product made in Scotland.”

One of our online customers from Australia, Lesley Macleod, also took the time to write in saying: “I ordered three of these for the whisky drinking men in my life (husband, son and son-in-law).

“I had tried to get something like this while visiting Scotland without success, so was pleasantly surprised to find exactly what I was looking for easily on your site online.

“Ordering, product descriptions and delivery were all excellent. The products arrived in Australia quickly and safely and the quality is fantastic - thank you.”

It certainly gives us a boost when we read these reviews and we really appreciate the writers making the effort to get in touch. We’ve also recently started receiving some fantastic reviews via Google and this is another way, customers can engage with us and let us know what they think.

Please make sure you leave a review on Google for us - this will help other people make a decision and will help us understand your expectations better. In order to do so, click on THIS LINK and make sure your logged into your Google account.

We truly appreciate your opinion.

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