Last week director Karen and the privilege of a preview of the wonderful new distillery right in the heart of Edinburgh.

Sitting underneath the majestic Arthur's Seat and round the corner from TV’s Rebus St Leonards Police Station.The building was originally the old engine shed for St Leonards station.

On arrival, the refurbished buildings do not look out of place and the modern frontage invites you into there superb reception and visitor centre gift shop. Many of our best selling products are stocked at Holyrood Distillery, including our hand made stirrers and whisky water droppers.

Holyrood Distillery

Beginning the tour we were taken on a sensory journey and the first-floor nosing room was colourful and bright choosing to lead you on a sensory journey of smells and aromas all linked to flavour profiles of their gins and whisky. Like excited children in a chemistry lab, we used the interactive touch screens and lab jars to come out 6/6 in the aroma test. Through into the Flavour room where the colour wheels continue and the gins are deconstructed and the ingredients there to touch and smell.

Holyrood Distillery

The gin still is unique in that it was designed by distiller Dr Jack Mayo to his own requirements and it’s sitting pride of place shiny and new.

Through the gantry passing what will soon be hot and steaming line arms of the huge copper stills

The viewing platform allows visitors to really get up close to the whole whisky-making process. The use of space for all the equipment within the building is superb and from the outside, you would not know the huge scale of operation that goes on with the walls.

Holyrood Distillery

On discussion with Distillery Co-Founder David Robertson, the spirit safe made by LH stainless of Keith hold our special designed glass bowls and so not only is our glassware in the gift shop but also integral in the spirit flowing for the cut.

The mock dunnage is highly evocative and the smells from the casks on display give people a true feel for the way the whisky interacts with the wood. Move then into the profiling room to choose which peg best describes your own tastes I went for “nutty”  and then through to a beautiful bar with views from the side of the building up to Arthurs Seat.

You can also take a step back in time with one of Holyrood’s walking tours which highlights key areas around the distillery and the full historical value of having single malt production back in the heart of the city becomes clear.

The team have done an amazing job and launching at the start of Edinburgh’s Festival was a smart move.  Bring on the tourists!