Whisky Water Dropper - Scottish Clan Crest


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Our Scottish Clan crest water droppers are Scottish through and through.

All clans are available as a pewter crest and as you may already know, Just one drop of water can change the composition of your whisky, so if you like a wee drop in your dram, this is the perfect tool for you to share a dram with your fellow clansmen.

Please Note:  There are over 150 clans and we cannot list them all.  If your clan is not in our drop-down - please contact us and we will order it for you  - there may be an additional surcharge of £10 if your clan is not in stock.

This glass pipette is approximately 200mm in length and is presented in a luxurious velvet-lined box.

Why should you add water to your whisky? Well, the simple answer is why not! but experts say that allowing a couple of drops into the whisky especially if cask strength, opens up the flavours and allows a truly memorable drinking experience


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