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Imagine you were watching a film and suddenly you came up with an idea for a business. Well, that’s what happened with Tom and Karen of Angels’ Share Glass. A true sense of a family business Angels’ Share Glass create and design hand made whisky gifts, in Scotland for you.

If you have a passion for beautiful Glass and Whisky then our award winning team will bring you the very best in Scottish & Irish Glass design, whilst encapsulating a legend. The legend of The Angels’ Share. Scottish glassmaking heritage is at the core of our existence and we mix our craft with a love of Scotch, it is truly Magical! Our signature Whisky Angel captures a drop of Scotland forever and our glass whisky pipette makes the perfect whisky gift for all whisky lovers.

Oak Stave Whisky Flight with Jug

The quality was excellent, it is a beautiful glassware set for anyone who enjoys a good bottle of whisky. I would absolutely purchase this product again.

Whisky Miniature Spirits Glass Set

Purchased for the big birthday of a whisky loving good friend! Safe to say he was delighted with it! Beautifully packaged and at a competitive price, I feel it was an excellent buy!

Signature Ranges

The Angels' Share Spirits Glass

Much like the angels themselves, this glass exudes elegance and grace and is perfect for any spirit. There is no pseudoscience here; whether you chose scotch whisky, bourbon, rum, cognac or even gin, this glass encourages you to sit back, relax and savour your drink without having to take it too seriously.

Whisky Water Dropper

Just one drop of water can change the composition of your whisky, so if you like a wee drop in your dram, this is the perfect tool for you. Why add water to your whisky? well, why not! experts say that adding just a few drops opens up the whisky and allows you to smell and taste aromas.

Gin Pig

Following on from the 'Gin Craze' of the early eighteenth century when half of the London drinking establishments were gin bars, and later when the aristocracy of the Victorian era had 'Gin Palaces' there was a desire for specially made jugs and decanters to display how wealthy the household was.

What The Experts Say...

"The glass angels they make are very fun and appealing while the whisky water droppers are so elegant and useful - in my opinion every whisky connoisseur should have at least one of them."

Charles MacLean - Scotland's Leading Whisky Expert