Earlier this month we were contacted by James Markert the author of The Angels' Share and he kindly sent us a copy of his second book aptly entitled The Angels' Share.

Angels Share Book

A delightful story of post-prohibition America and bourbon woes. 

Set in a fictional town called Twisted Tree in Kentucky, The Angels' Share is set in 1934, after the great depression and the ending of prohibition.

When a drifter is buried in Potter’s Field, his life and death become somewhat of a legend, and people flock to pay homage and pray at his graveside.

Focusing on the book's main character, William McFee, he is sceptical about the drifter’s so called "powers" and healing occurrences. William himself is the son of Master Distiller Barley McFee owner of the now mothballed Old Sam's Bourbon Distillery.

The town has suffered under both the great depression and prohibition but Barley is not keen to re-open the distillery. As William searches for answers around the drifter and his younger brother’s death, it becomes clear that all might not be as it seems in the McFee family.

Each character draws you into their family life and you suddenly realise the author has such great understanding of the history of the time and whiskey knowledge is superb. Whilst reading it your could hear the accents, smell The Angels' Share and the feeling of anticipation for the revival of the old distillery.

We couldn't wait to pass it around the office for a read - getting hints of Angels' Share from our own, sadly empty, whisky barrels.

Sit in the sun, pour yourself a dram and read on. We here at Angel's Share Glass are aready hoping there may be a sequel to this intriguing family story.