As Mother’s Day approaches Karen, and her colleagues, wanted to pay tribute to one of the firm’s most important people - her mum Bette Young who died earlier this year.

It was Bette and her devoted husband Tom who laid the foundations for Angels’ Share Glass when Tom’s flair for creating beautiful glass products and Bette’s determination led the couple to set up Village Glass many decades ago.

Through the years, Bette was a great help and support to Tom travelling to craft fairs and much further afield with him to sell their lovely products at home and abroad.

And when Karen was older, she was delighted to help with child-care for her two young grandsons so her daughter could develop her own career and eventually co-found Angels’ Share Glass with Tom.

Karen says: “My Mum was always saying `Try it, if it doesn’t work try something else, you will never know unless you try something.’”

“My Mum’s organisational skills and true grit determination in everything she did are the foundations on which I currently run Angels’ Share Glass and I truly think without my mum’s assistance and support I’d have given up long ago.

“Never underestimate the knowledge your mum holds, there will be many things in her life you know nothing about - but mums truly guide us, we just need to listen.”

So, as we think of our mums this Mother’s Day, the women who work for Angels’ Share Glass have some inspiration as you seek out that perfect gift …

Managing Director KAREN SOMERVILLE recommends the whisky-branded glass Angels.

Angels Share Glass Whisky Angel

“If your mum is a whisky enthusiast, our Distillery Branded Angels are a great gift because we use their whisky in the Angels and they become really valuable little additions to people’s collections.”

Glassmaker BEE HARDY loves the unique scented Candles made by recycling whisky and other bottles.

Whisky Scented Candle

“They’re a great gift because they’re unusual and they last for ages plus they make a lovely ornament when they’re not being used. You can make them out of any bottle and I once made my mum one out of her favourite wine bottle.”

Admin assistant HELEN KERR is entranced by the beautiful limited edition Rosebank Angel.

Whisky Filled Angel

“It’s my favourite product and I think it’s the loveliest Angel we’ve done and would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift. It’s just stunning with its silver rose and white wings.”

Accounts Assistant EILEEN SCHULZ reckons the Ae Fond Kiss Angel is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Angels Share Whisky

“I think its pink love heart is gorgeous and the fact that it symbolises love would make this Angel a great gift for Mother’s Day.”

PR Manager RACHEL BLACKBURN is buying the Cheeseboard made from an oak whisky barrel for her mum.

Whisky Gifts

“Like me, she loves cheese so I think this will make a great gift because it’s a bit different to the usual board. Each one is unique as they are made from part of a whisky barrel so they look lovely as well as being functional.”

Marketing Consultant INA PABAT-STROE would choose the pocket whisky water dropper with the pretty Harris Tweed cover.

“I think the water droppers are truly revolutionary and enhance the whisky experience for a true whisky drinker who knows how only a few drops of water can change the taste of your dram. I think having a dropper in its gorgeous case to take along in your bag for tastings, festivals or just lunch at the pub is a necessary luxury for a whisky lover.”

Internet Marketing Consultant NICOLA YOUNG is also a fan of the pocket dropper but would buy the firm’s new gin glasses and muddler for her mum.

Whisky Water Dropper

“I’m a malt whisky drinker so would love to receive the pocket dropper which is so convenient to fit into a bag and use whenever needed. For my mum, who is not a whisky drinker, I’d get the Gin glasses and the fabulous glass muddler in the red candy cane colour.”

Photographer JANIE MEIKLE BLAND thinks the Glencairn Glass jewellery we sell would make a perfect Mother’s Day present.

 Whisky Gifts

“As a photographer with a creative side, I often make my own jewellery and love the Glencairn Glass products which are a novel addition to the collection and an exciting twist for whisky lovers.”

Sales Assistant JEN KIDD would pick one of the firm’s iconic Angels for her mum.

Whisky Filled Angels

“The classic Angels really do make an ideal gift for Mother’s Day and I particularly like the gorgeous copper heart Angels.”

So, whatever your mum’s tastes, there’s plenty of ideas to browse on the website in that search for the ideal gift for Mother’s Day.