Did you know that we have our own YouTube channel?

Over the coming weeks/months we plan on filling up our channel with a series of 'How To' videos focussing on our products and some commonly asked questions. As well as other informative videos about glassblowing and other exciting news.

The video shown above is an incredibly interesting video all about how our products are decorated. The product featured in the video our Thistle Stirrer - which is a lovely gifting item and very intricate. It is one of the first items our glassblowers learn to make when they start.

We have exciting announcements on NEW products coming this month, so make sure you are subscribed!

Our YouTube channel is also a great place where we can share some of our favourite memories from past events; like Islay Festival...

Let us know what you want to see on our channel, more 'How To' videos or maybe a 'Meet the Team'? We'd love to know what captures your attention.

We also will be launching a new series of tutorials with Tom our master glassblower for the curious who might want to try their hand at Lamp Working.

If you sign up as a YouTube subscriber by 30th June we will send you a discount code that you can use across our online store. 

 Products that feature highly in our videos are;

Angels' Share Whisky Angel on Oak Stand is one of our best sellers. The Angels' Share Whisky Angel is a truly unique piece of hand blown glass and is ideal for wedding, engagement, retirement and corporate gifting.

Our Whisky Water Droppers are just one of our signature products. Just one drop of water can change the composition of your whisky, so if you like a wee drop in your dram, this is the perfect tool for you.