As Angels' Share Glass is run by a dynamic Father and Daughter duo (Tom Young & Karen Somerville) and with Father's Day fast approaching, we thought the best blog story for today would be one honouring all the dad and daughter duo's out there that share a love for all things Whisky.

The Scotch Whisky Industry is no stranger to family businesses, in fact, most distilleries were born from family-run farms which over the years morphed into some of the huge distilleries you see today.

Over the many years of family members working side by side, countless distillers, blenders, and bottlers cherish the shared wisdom of generations. Tricks of the trade, closely held secrets and even the reigns to multi-billion pound legacies that are handed down through the ages.  The shared wisdom was once a privilege of Father to Son but now it is just as common for Father to Daughter.

Within the Scotch industry, I can name a few Father and Daughter teams that make it work and are successfully making or sharing their passion and knowledge of Whisky. Below are a few I can mention:

Fred Laing and Cara Laing of Douglas Laing
James Espey and Beanie Espey of Last Drop Distillers
Jim Coleman & Nicola Young of WhiskyBoys
our own Tom Young & Karen Somerville of Angels' Share Glass

It's not too well known but here at Angels' Share, we have been involved in the Whisky Industry way before our online store and our now award-winning droppers.  We were and are still supplying glassware to distilleries, but not a glass to drink from but glass for their intricate measurement tools and the glass spirit bowls you can see in every distillery where every drop of alcohol must pass through within the spirit safe.  It is due to Tom's passion and love for his craft (and Whisky) that he was awarded from the Queen an MBE.  Received from the very tall Prince William, for his services to Glassblowing, a true honour. 

So here's to Father's, Daughters and Whisky, have a dram and toast Scotch Whisky this Father's Day.

Who are you most excited to share a dram with? Our Friendship Set would be perfect for that first dram with someone special. We are all looking forward to tastings and just having a drink with friends but there are plenty of virtual tastings to keep us tied over until then.

Have a great Weekend!