We understand that there is a wide array of opinions when it comes to whisky, whether it’s the grand old debate of water, ice or neat?

Or perhaps peat or no peat.

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Regardless of how you drink your whisky, you are still bound to have a favourite. We decided to ask some of our staff what their favourite whiskies are and why.

Karen Somerville - The first whisky I fell in love with was an Aberlour A’bunadh batch 45. It was the very first whisky I actually went “wow that depth of flavour is amazing” made in the heart of Speyside it has all the flavours of a true Speyside whisky, fruitcake and toffees. Delicious!

Tom Young - I’m not really a whisky drinker but I do like a whisky liqueur, I especially like Glayva which I enjoy with friends.

Gillian McLaren - ‘I don’t particularly drink whisky however, I do get to smell it often enough when filling the angels etc… I really enjoy the chocolate notes on the Bowmore Devils Cask but I much prefer cider.’

Nicola Young - ‘At the moment I am enjoying a delicious Glen Scotia Double Cask, this is a no age statement whisky from the ‘Whiskiest Region’ Campbeltown. It has a bit of everything on the taste, from a little bit of the Campbeltown’s signature maritime smoke to juicy raisins on a crust of burnt toast. A great warming dram for this time of year.’

Loren Young - ‘Unlike my Mum, I don’t drink Scotch, however, I am known to enjoy a Crown Royal or a Jameson’s every now and again! I prefer the sweetness of these whiskies compared to their smokier Scottish counterparts.’

Emmet Somerville - ‘Ardbeg 10 y/o was my favourite for a while, I love how smoky it is.’

Jen Kidd - ‘Highland Park 12 y/o because it is just smoky enough and I think it is a great whisky for a first-time whisky drinker. It is a good place to start.’

Matthew Johnston - ‘I’m not much of a whisky drinker but I do like Deanston, it’s local and they have a unique shaped bottle.’

Helen & Laura - Both gave a very similar answer as they don’t drink whisky at all, ‘I drink vodka.’ However, Helen and Laura are both looking forward to all of the newer whiskies which will be getting released within the next few years, especially Lindores Abbey.

Perhaps your favourite dram is tied to memories and that’s what makes it so special to you, there are so many reasons to why a whisky could be your number one, we want to hear them!

Here at Angels' Share Glass we also sell our own unique blend of Speyside and Highland Malt Whiskies, Angels' Nectar. This whisky has gone down a treat at recent festivals, its smooth and sweet taste is excellent for a new whisky drinker.

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