Angels' Share Glass Scented Candles


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Enjoy the aromas of the famous Scotch Whisky Regions in your own home with our new regional scotch whisky-scented candles.  

All five variations are influenced by the notes most commonly found in the Scotch Whiskies from that region of Scotland.

Each candle is hand-poured in Scotland by Love Scottish, they are made from 100% Plant Based Wax and have a burn time of over 22 hours. 30ml - 80mm x 80mm

AMBER - Scotch Scented

GREEN - Speyside: apple, pear and cinnamon

RED - Highland: heather, fruit cake, apple

WHITE - Lowland: cut grass, nutmeg, honeysuckle

BLUE - Islay: tobacco, oak, woodland flowers

BLACK - Campbeltown: marine, sea salt, wood smoke

Delight your living room!


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