The Angels' Share

The Legend

So what is The Angels' Share?

Well, long before science got in the way, producers of whisky thought that the angels came down and took a small amount of whisky from the casks before bottling, this was accepted and known as:

"The Angels' Share"

During its maturation process it is expected that almost 2% of whisky is lost from the oak cask. Distillers still believe in this angelic story and so accept that heaven has a love of whisky, as much as the world.

Our Angel Story;

The idea for the business was born out of the Legend of The Angels' Share  After watching a Film in 2012 of the same name by Ken Loach - Karen & Tom designed the Whisky Angel. This is now the signature product

The Angels' Share Whisky Angel is a unique piece of glassware design , totally sealed the whisky is captured and locked away forever in a process only known to the craftsmen that make them. Each one unique each one with its own story to tell.

Each Angel is hand made and totally unique filled with single malt and in some cases limited edition whisky brands these little beauties are the perfect gift for a whisky lover or collector.