Angels' Share Shot Glass


Introducing our new Spirit Glass, The Angels' Share Shot Glass

Much like the angels themselves, this glass exudes elegance and grace and is perfect for any spirit, a shot of tequila or a wee mini baileys.

The shot glass is our smallest version of our Angels' Share Glass Design

Master Glassblower Tom Young MBE and Director Karen have taken inspiration from the wing and flame of our logo to design a glass that is both modestly bold and effortlessly refined.

The Angels' Share Glass also complements our award-winning glassware range and is the perfect accompaniment in our handmade water dropper and gift sets

Registered designs and our water jug and decanter will build on this unique design. For now, let's raise a glass to the Angels. 

Slainte Mhath. 

Size 20ml  Height 80mm x 35mm diameter