What is "Silent Season" for the Scotch Whisky Industry? A term I am sure you have heard if you are a regular distillery tourer.

This is the time of year that many distilleries take the opportunity to give their production a well earned rest, men, women and machinery.  As the majority of distilleries have their silent season in the summer this gives many distillery workers a chance to have a break, but most importantly it gives the distillery a chance to have a good old fashioned check up.

With many whisky sites distilling, mashing, filling and fermenting 24/7, wear and tear has got to be an issue.  The 3-4 weeks of downtime allows for maintenance, painting, cleaning and repairing, a truly invaluable month in the whisky calendar.  Allowing the other 11 months of the year to run as problem free as possible.

However, the silent season in the whisky industry makes for a busy time at Angels' Share Glass, as many of the distilleries that are in Silent Season require their glass measurement tools, spirit bowls and hydrometers replaced too.   Bee and Tom are hard at work fulfilling these bespoke orders.

Bespoke Glassware