At Angels' Share Glass it's not always all about the Whisky, we also have a number of Gin inspired gift and glassware.  Gin is experiencing a huge surge in popularity which in turn is seeing many new producers and distilleries opening, giving us, the consumer unprecedented choice.  At last count, there were over 50 producers of Gin in Scotland.

Gin, like Whisky, is the product of the distillation process but instead of having to wait at least a further 3 years of maturation for the spirit to become drinkable tasty Whisky, gin is simply neutral spirit infused with many (or a few) selected botanicals to produce a drinkable and tasty drink, gin...

Last year, while visiting Islay, I was lucky to witness Bruichladdich's very own gin still, fondly named "Ugly Betty" distilling.  Apparently at this time she was only running for approx 24 hours every 8 - 12 months.    While observing the process in the still room I was shown a huge pillowcase type bag full of freshly picked Islay native botanicals which would later that day be used to infuse the iconic aromas into The Botanist Gin.  See pic...


The aromas were intense, floral, citric and earthy - looked like a great big bag of Pot Pourri.

Here are few links to some of Scotland's Gin producers.