Did you know that this #scottishinternational week?

We were given a great opportunity by Scottish Business Network to be involved in their video for this week, which really does a great job of highlighting some other amazing Scottish businesses and entrepreneurs.

"A week-long online conference uniting Scottish leaders from around the world who can share their experience, their insight, and how we together can support Scottish business. Join us as we broaden our horizons, inspire, and discover global opportunities and celebrate our shared culture, innovations, competitive advantages, and future opportunities."
(Source; https://www.scottishinternationalweek.com/ )

The aim of this week is to help businesses and entrepreneurs alike to make connections with each other, to help grow their network and in turn grow their business. This week has been filled with great talks and webinars to attend.

A huge thank you to Scottish Business Network for setting up this week and making it incredibly beneficial for everyone involved.