Reduction in our usage of plastic is big news at the moment, highlighted with the recent worldwide 'say no to plastic' campaign. 

A couple of years back a drastic measure within high street stores and supermarkets forced our hand and started charging shoppers 5p for every single use plastic bag, this resulted to a whopping reduction of over 85% in the use of these bags within the first year of the campaign.  

A more recent campaign launched in the second half of 2017 was to reduce or ban plastic straws 'refuse the straw'.  Many high street restaurants and bars have already eradicated these, including Wetherspoon and Pizza Express.  

Plastic pollution is a serious global issue for our seas, oceans and landfills, emphasis is on all of us to look for alternatives daily.

At Angels' Share Glass we are right behind all these initiatives and love assisting in finding the alternatives to plastic...  see below a few alternatives to plastic, it ain't no coincidence that these products are some of our most popular:

Our Award Winning Whisky Water Dropper - no longer reach for a straw to suck up the correct amount of water or use a plastic pipette, our glass water droppers are made in Scotland and every one hand crafted. No plastic to see here.

Glass Hip Flask Funnel - our stylish spirit bowl inspired designs make an extremely pleasant alternative to the ugly plastic kitchen funnel. Every one hand made in our studio.

Glass Drink Stirrer - Slim, long and colourful glass drink stirrers. Say goodbye to the hard plastic drink stirrers and hello to an elegant addition to any long or short drink.

As traditional glass blowers we have the means and the desire to produce new and innovative products regularly, so if you have an idea of how we can come up with more plastic alternatives, just let us know.