On the 9th April 2013, Angels' Share Glass Limited was formed officially. Slightly  daunting we jumped into the world of whisky, gifting, merchandise and running a new company and our journey began....

 angels share film 2012
If you've read our story it began with the 2012 Film The Angels' Share directed by Ken Loach. Tom & I watched this film and raved about how The Angels' Share is mentioned in every distillery in Scotland yet know one knows what it is or has seen it. A bit like The Loch Ness Monster, legend has it when illicit stills made whisky and they filled their barrels up when the customs and excise man came round to check the amount of whisky left "well the Angels had taken their share sir"
The evaporation is now scientifically measured and the traces of the fungus associated with the process can be seen on most warehouse and dunnage walls.
our angel
So we took the legend and we made it our own. As a master glassblower Tom created a little Angel, handblown and sealed the whisky inside in a process known to few chemical glassmakers. creating a sealed unit which could never evaporate meaning it was the angel's share forever.
The Macallan Angels
We pitched to Distilleries, Scottish Whisky shops and gradually our little novelty became a good seller. We then realised there was a gap in the market for other whisky related gift items. up until that point there was books or glasses to buy with your Whisky. The Whisky pipette was now an essential tool to have in your Whisky arsenal or collection. This developed into the extensive range we have now of designs and bespoke toppers.
From supplying Harvey Nichols in London to launching our own Whisky Tartan. the last ten years have whizzed past and we cannot quite believe just how far our wee crafts business has scaled.
packaging  boxes  pallet
Vital support and belief in our vision and story moved us forward and getting through many business challenges throughout those 10 years we are still here to keep telling our story.
Brown Forman  Angels Envy  Evan Williams  Jim Beam  New York
Highlights have been trips to the US and Kentucky sitting in big brand HQ's showing off our glassware. Launching our own glass for spirits. We were often asked "why don't you have your own whisky glass?"  We didn't want to re-design the wheel so we designed a spirits glass for any spirit to be enjoyed from. The Angels' Share Glass.
ASG Glass
Ten years on and my children are at university my husband has joined the company and our team has grown.  Tom is now 84 and his health is a challenge but he continues to have a huge part in the future of Angels' Share
So for our Tenth birthday we had to celebrate with a whisky and what better way than with a 10 year old Speyside, my favourite region of the five whisky areas. We found a cask of 10 year old Linkwood Scotch from the Distillery in Elgin and finished it in an oloroso octave for a few months before bottling. this has given our signature whisky the most wonderful fruit sherry notes. We have called it The Glassblower's Malt , what else?  its a firm favourite for our massively talented crew of glassmakers. Label design was by Ralph Dunning of Black Square Creative and he captured the design we had hoped for.
We have filled 50 limited edition Angels with our Glassblower's Malt and with with the help of our glass artist Emma Fitzgerald we made special balloon and parcel packages.
Limited edition Angel  
We have new plans for Angels' Share which will hopefully keep us travelling to our next ten years.
....till then!
Slainte Mhath 
Karen and the whole team at Angels Share Glass