Day 13 - A.D Rattray - Auchroisk 1991 (25yo)

Nose: Rich and rather complex. Say hello to a whole gourmet world made of pear drops, cooked red apples, christmas spices and pastry dough. But that's not all... I can also pick up some delicious nutty notes, bee wax, honey-glazed almond biscuits, maple syrup and precious wood. 

Palate: Chewy, thick and warm with both sweet and hot spices, strong oak notes, dried fruits, honey and roasted almonds. Also some Christmas pudding notes and wood tannins. I could perfectly picture myself sipping this dram by the chimney on a cold winter night (but I have a phobia of fire so that's not likely to happen...).

Finish: lingering & heartwarming 

Food Pairing: Christmas pudding

Day Thirteen