Behind our Giftware and Bespoke glassware we also service many Distilleries and Scientific facilities with Glassware

As a company who rely on the skills and expertise of scientific glassblowers, we pride our self on their talents to switch from scientific glassware to creative and art glass very easily.

Our master glassblower Tom Young MBE was the catalyst that started Angels' Share Glass using his skills we created the icon which represents the Angels Share.

Tom trained in scientific glassware but using his scientific and chemistry background he could also see a creative flair he loved to use in glassblowing.

Tom began an an apprentice and now in his 80's still continues to pass his knowledge onto other glassblowers and artists in the field.

Scottish Glassblowers were mainly employed in the chemicals industry, as 1950’s Britain was recovering from the war.

In 1967 Tom became one of the first members of staff at the newly built Stirling University. Tom Young was integral in setting up the state-of-the-art facility for all the new students now studying at this landmark University.

The one item we now supply and produce are Spirit bowls for some of Scotland's largest Distillery fabricators.

Spirit Safes in Distilleries were generally produced by a company called Monax. They were blown globes and then cut out by hand saws they were delicate and unpractical for modern Spirt Safes and so Tom set about designing and creating a more durable bowl for fabricators and distillers. The millennium bowl was produced and now is fitted in many Spirit Safe throughout distilleries worldwide.


The first Distillery to have the newly designed millenium bowl fitted was Glenturret Distillery and then locally Deanston where the bowls are still going strong.

We then development smaller bowls to fit small spirit safes now installed in many newer distilleries such as Lindores Abbey Distillery and Kingsbarns both in Fife.

We can offer a bespoke service for distilling glassware and we'd be pleased to speak to you about any services we can help with.