As a small family business our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our brand’s values. We have worked hard since we started this business to think responsibly of how our business impacts our environment and our community and our planet.

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint every year. 

Our hand crafted, high-quality products are made to last and will biodegrade naturally when they finally reach the end of their life or will be re-used countless times. We are committed to improving our sustainability across all aspects of our business.


You don't have to look far to see the impact of plastics in our oceans. We work with recyclable glass and we waste almost nothing, using every piece of waste glass in our processes as much as possible. We continually assess our wastage and our recycling options for all of our raw materials. A very high percentage of our waste glass is made into something else. Breakages or damaged items are also re-manufactured into new products. We minimise our branding and labelling footprint on our products by engraving rather than labelling.

Our oak staves are up-cycled re-fashioned and saved from the wood pile. These staves are sourced locally and supplied by our local cooper. All offcuts and any wood shavings from our manufacturing processes are used to create energy, where possible we source from local suppliers where possible to help Scotland's economy.


We do not use bottle Oxygen to produce our flames. We use electric powered oxygen generators which take the oxygen from our own environment and filter it into pure oxygen to power our flames. Because there is no delivery of heavy cumbersome bottle gas and oxygen we save on carbon miles. Although we need natural gas to mix with this oxygen we make sure our level of usage is minimum and not wasteful of this fossil fuel. Fossil fuels are essential for glass production and sand reserves are also monitored for raw material supplies.We are looking to make further reductions in our use of natural gas as technology develops.



Our packaging is 70% recyclable materials and in most cases fully compostable.

We are committed to reducing the number of single-use plastics within our production areas, and where we can't eliminate them, we will move to closed-loop recycling systems.

On site we recycle 100% of all packaging we receive. We do not produce paper brochures and have switched to digital mailing and newsletters. 



We prioritise energy-efficient equipment when making new purchases and invest in energy-saving technologies where we canstaff


We believe in a workplace free from all types of discrimination, including discrimination on the grounds of gender, race and religion. All our employees receive the real living wage or above.

As many of our employees are local to our studios, employees are encouraged to cycle or walk to work.

Our sub contracted Glassblowers also operate under our same values and we constantly check that standards are high.

We ask you buy well and better and we believe our products will be passed on from generation to generation.


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