With Christmas fast approaching and only a few weeks left to get all the gifts you need, we have compiled this gift guide for you to hopefully make things a bit easier this festive season.
Loren, who handles our social media and digital marketing has made this gift guide for you. This includes some of her favourite products and ones that we think will be a sure hit at Christmas this year.
Gifts for Whisky Lovers
Our Whisky Miniature Gift Set is a great gift for someone who already loves whisky and is also a great way to introduce whisky into someone's life. Complete with a whisky miniature of your choice, a whisky water dropper and an Angels' Share Spirit Glass.
The Whisky Water Dropper is the perfect tool for any whisky tasting or casual dram. Allowing you to add water to your whisky at a controlled rate, ideal for on the go or a great addition to your collection.
Gifts for Gin Lovers
Our Gin Pigs are super cute and make for an excellent gift for any gin lover. We have a range of different Gin Pigs, all cute and some are even funky! Unlike our Angels these Pigs are made to be opened and enjoyed. They are corked at the nose, the tails make perfect handles and can be refilled with your favourite gins too.
Our Baubles, these can either be filled with whisky or gin. A great decoration for your tree and a perfect way to display some of your favourite drinks. Much like our Gin Pigs, you can open and enjoy these baubles. A great gift for a gin lover or even a collector, a perfect addition to any display.
Gifts for Everyone
Our Regional Candles are always a hit at the holidays, they are a great gift for anyone whether they enjoy whisky or not. They are a great range of musky to fruity scents, sure to please even the toughest of candle lover.
Angels' Share Spirit Glass, a great gift for all. Perfect for any drink of choice, 'Whether you chose scotch whisky, bourbon, rum, cognac or even gin, this glass encourages you to sit back, relax and savour your drink without having to take it too seriously.'
We couldn't leave out our signature product, Angels' Share Whisky Angel. A perfect gift for all, beautiful to look at and a great addition to any collection. ' Every single angel is uniquely designed to hold whisky through a secret process which is known only to the skilled craftsmen who have created it.'