We are now in our sixth year of unique glass design and creation for our own online store. Here at  Angels' Share Glass we love handcrafting all our popular glassware products, water droppers, whisky angels, hipflask funnels and gin pigs

But... what we also love creating new innovative products for our customers and clients who like to think outside the box, and come to us with their own ideas for their glassware.

From concept to sample to finished product, it's what our design and glass studios love to be involved with.  As we are a small family business we are our own boss, which means we can dedicate time to bespoke and innovative new designs regularly.

We can engrave pretty much all our products, we can alter any of our existing glassware to suit, we can fill our Whisky Angels with any Whisky, Bourbon or Rye, we can also do the same for our glass baubles and we can also make the idea that is in your head a reality (within reason).

So get in touch with us if you want to make a piece of Angels' Share history and have a bespoke product made for you. 

This is perfect for corporate events, wedding favours, to sell in your own shop or to promote your brand.