When it comes to gift wrapping, there are those who love it and those who hate it!

Luckily, we have a special Angel named Cherene Robertson on hand to take the hassle out of wrapping your Christmas presents – and she can also give you a few tips if you enjoy doing it yourself.

Angels’ Share Glass has teamed up with gift wrapping service `Wrapistry by Cherene’ to offer customers the chance to have purchases beautifully wrapped and delivered direct to a friend, loved one or colleague.

Talented Cherene uses exquisite wrap and bow options, in stunning black and gold, to make our products look even more irresistible.

She says: “Ever since I was little, I’ve loved wrapping presents and me and my mum used to always do it together every Christmas."

“I’ve got a real creative side to me and can spend hours practising the perfect bow and making presents look lovely."

“I don’t use sellotape so everything is done by cutting the wrap perfectly to size and then folding carefully and tying with bows.

“Angels’ Share Glass products are perfect for gift wrapping because they are boxed up and I really enjoy making them look fabulous.”

Cherene runs her own Stirling-based service - for individual and corporate clients.

And she’s always ready to help Angels’ Share Glass customers who can order the wrapping service via the online shop.

Prices start at £5 and all you have to do is select from Small, Medium or Large Wrap depending on your purchase. Each product has a guide to help you choose the correct option.

Then sit back, relax and your perfectly wrapped product will be delivered to your door – or the recipient’s door – within 3-5 days.

And if you do prefer to wrap yourself – here are a few top tips from Cherene to get you started:

  1. If the gift is soft, put it in a gift box or bag.
  2. Always wrap on a hard surface, if you try to wrap on carpet it’s harder to keep control of the paper and it’s more likely to tear.
  3. Don’t forget to hide the price!
  4. To become a better gift wrapper, invest in a few tools like a rotary cutter, double sided tape and a glue gun.
  5. Brown paper and twine makes a beautiful, timeless gift wrap. Make it extra special by adding fresh holly or even some dried orange slices for a festive aroma.

Angel’s Share Glass is a small family business based in Bridge of Allan, Stirling that produces beautiful glassware to supply some of the world’s leading distilleries with products used for the distilling process.