The final Instalment.  all good things must come to an end!

On 22nd April 2022, after a two year delay, six influential figures in whisky took to the road on a trip that covered some of the most stunning scenery in the world.

Director Karen, Business partner for Fife Whisky Festival and owner of Kask Whisky, Justine Hazlehurst. Annabel Meikle Director of prestigious society Keepers of the Quaich, Nicola Young SMWS Ambassador and one half of Whisky Boys and last but by no means least Karen Walker of Karen Walker UK spirits marketing.

Our final nights stay was on the most westerly peninsula not only in Scotland but of the UK, The Ardnamurchan peninsula. and along the long and winding (up and down, side to side) road we reached a gemstone in the already impressive backdrop of Scottish beauty. Ardnamurchan Distillery 

The Distillery is part of The Adelphi Group which has a long illustrious history in Whisky. The dancey man of William Gladstone has been adopted by Adelphi and Ardnamurchan as their logo,  which pretty much encapsulated how us six women rocked up at the distillery gates.

similar to Angels' Share Glass founding year the site at Glenbeg was developed in 2013 and whisky production started in 2014

Met by operations manager DJ and Jenny Karlsson Brand Ambassador  we could not have been welcomed with such enthusiasm and pride to show us around what actually turned out to be a distillery much much bigger than some of the group anticipated.

Jenny Karlsson

Immediately we were ushered to the warehouses, where some of Annabels' group casks lay sleeping , little did they know we were about to give them a rude awakening. Jenny masterfully negotiated the racks and we were treated to which seemed to be two delectably different tasting notes from casks filled at the same time. Hopefully ready for bottling in the not too distant future.

Scott also showed us around the Green Distillery, but sadly due to boiler issues there was no production going on. The price of being green is that things seem to need more attention and being 100 miles from anywhere, things can't be fixed in the blink of an eye... or a week. But it was challenges the close knit team to work around and that is to be truly applauded.


Sustainability is key to the distilleries future and also innovation and moves into the world of Blockchain technology and giving authenticity to every bottle at the scan of your iphone.

A few bottlings of the Adelphi Selection  have been released since HRH Princess Anne opened the distillery in 2014.and the first Ardnamurchan Single Malt was released in 2021.

The group were privileged to stay on site and what a treat it was to chat into the night with the team and gain huge insight into the plans for this award winning highly acclaimed Distillery. Young whisky never tasted so good.

The drive is worth it and it should most definitely be on your West Highland Journey list.

Thank you to Alex and all his team who made our visit exceptional in every way.


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