We are delighted to announce we have designed and now manufactured our own Spirits Glass, The Angels' Share Glass will complement our existing range of products and will serve to complete our sets and tasting flights for all spirits.

It is our latest innovation to complement our range of glassware which includes Whisky Angels, Whisky Water Droppers and Gin Pigs.

The Angels’ Share Glass is designed on elegance and grace much like an Angel and it’s ideal for everyone’s favourite spirit whether that be Scotch Whisky, Rum, Bourbon, Cognac, Vodka, Sherry, Port or Gin.

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The versatile glass can also be personalised with a name or brand and plans are underway to extend the range to include decanters and water jugs.

There are two glasses in the range – a standard size which takes 100ml of spirits and a mini tasting version which is 50ml.

We had intended to launch The Angels Share Glass during an Open Day at our headquarters in Bridge of Allan near Stirling. We wanted to invite you to see where the magic happens., however, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the launch is now a virtual one instead.


We are so excited about this, so let us know what you think!