You may be unaware that here at Angels Share Glass we have a few different bepoke products that are specifically made in conjunction with a couple of charities that are close to our hearts, so we thought we would shine a spotlight on our two chosen charities this year.

Our most recent collaboration is with NSPCC Scotland (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), which saw us for the first time filling our unique Whisky Angels with not whisky but with shiny, sparkly glitter.  These angels are also finished with a silver halo and green wings.  They are priced at £35 and 50% of the cost goes directly to the NSPCC.

One of our most successful charitable collections is for Poppy Scotland, so popular in fact it is now in its third successive year as a permanent feature on our production schedule. 

This collection has grown over the years and now includes, glass baubles, Glencairn glasses, Whisky Angels, Whisky water droppers and drink stirrers.  Just like NSPCC we donate 50% of all the sales of these products to Poppy Scotland.  See full collection here.


Late last year a few of the Angels were given the opportunity to visit the Poppy Scotland Factory in Edinburgh to meet the vast army of volunteers who expertly make the poppys.

See video of our visit here: