Thank you to Rachel MacNeill at Islay Whisky Academy for this great insight into your upcoming courses, tours and experiences

 Our Goods Friends on Islay  Islay Whisky Academy launch the first volume of its online course, WHISKY AFFINITY©️, This in-depth series of textbooks, workbooks, and videos is a springboard for understanding Scotch whisky and its production, providing people around the world a fresh view into the world of whisky and its context in Scottish and Gaelic culture.
WHISKY AFFINITY© comprises of twelve volumes released at three-month intervals. Each volume includes a textbook adorned with complementary visuals, an interactive workbook, and stand-alone educational videos. The course will expand upon the whisky production industry, incorporating ecology, environmental awareness, business models, heritage, history, and craft distillation, all within frameworks of culture, language, gender, literature, and politics. 

The first instalment of WHISKY AFFINITY©️, Courting the Dram, introduces to those interested in whisky and its culture a more intimate way of appreciating the spirit. Its goal is to help people develop skills and sensory awareness to forge a personal relationship with whisky.
WHISKY AFFINITY©️ aims to make connections between people and whisky more accessible to all. Besides its rich content, WHISKY AFFINITY©️ champions the formation of close-knit kinships that support each other and cultivate a sense of community. Students will have the opportunity to get to know fellow whisky-lovers through exclusive Facebook groups and discussion forums.
Courting the Dram brings a spotlight on ourselves and our relationship with Scotch whisky. No matter where we are in the world, WHISKY AFFINITY©️ focusses on our common denominators of Scotch whisky and our engagement with it,” says the founder of Islay Whisky Academy, Rachel MacNeill. “Not everyone has been to a distillery; not all have visited Scotland. But most people studying with WHISKY AFFINITY©️ have tried Scotch, and this relationship and curiosity connect us in Scotch Whisky Kinship.”

About Islay Whisky Academy:
Founded over ten years ago, Islay Whisky Academy is an Independent educational whisky school based in the beautiful island of Islay in Scotland. It helps make learning about whisky more approachable for all, from casual whisky drinkers to industry professionals. Acclaimed programmes such as Wild and Magic Islay Custom Whisky Tours and the Theatre of Drams Whisky Symposium, amongst private distillery tours, tastings, and residential whisky diplomas, have reached audiences from around the world, enthralling whisky-lovers from all walks of life.

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