1. Whisky Glass Structure - does it have a scientifically proven design?
2. Glass Feel & Characteristics - how do you feel when drinking from it?
3. Whisky Glass Appearance - It should be pleasing on the eye.
4. Whisky Glass Type - short, or stem or tumbler? , the choices are endless.

According to experts these are the four categories you should be taking into consideration when choosing a glass to enjoy your whisky from.

Nowadays there is a wider selection of whisky glassware on the market, some a lot fancier than others. A basic glass could cost as little a few pounds and generally you can pick some up for free at various whisky festivals or events and then you have the luxurious elite where a Whisky Glass which can priced over £130 per glass… We wonder if it makes it taste any different and are sure there are a million YouTube experts who tell you they do. We think, most definitely beauty and budget are always in the eye or hands of the beholder.

The type of glass too may vary from glass manufacturer to glass manufacturer, some choosing high quality crystal, some looking to produce as many as they can for barware and commercial use and many seeking craftsmen who can produce idyllic and pure designs, not for the masses but for those who believe their glass has assisted in keeping a skill alive and associate fully to the brands ethos.

In 2021 We decided to create our own glass, this plan really came together over the initial lockdown due to Covid19 and that’s when we launched the Angels’ Share Spirit Glass. Our customers asked why we didn’t have our own glass, it made sense as designers and manufacturers to come up with a spirit's glass to fit our range.

The Glass isn’t designed specifically for whisky, as we didn’t want to exclude all of our Gin, Port, Vodka drinking customers. The Angels’ Share Spirit Glass was designed with everyone in mind. Therefore may break convention on a nosing glass or a Copita style. But we wanted our glass to be all things without the pseudo science.

Once it has been designed by our directors Tom & Karen, the process was to make prototypes and then gain feedback from trusted industry friends and associates. All our glass tends to be free blown but to get a uniform glass, we had to invest in moulds. The feel in your hand, the weight and the volume of liquid it held all came into play. Once we had got them all right then we started to produce.

Our Glass now compliments our range of award winning water droppers, designed by us and created to rid the world of plastic pipette pollution.


Experts say that adding just a few drops opens up the whisky and allows you to smell and taste aromas. Not only can you do this in style it also makes a whole lot of sense especially when tasting straight from the cask (cask strength)


The handcrafted whisky water dropper allows finer control releasing one drop of water at a time. This hand-blown glass dropper or pipette is presented in a luxurious velvet-lined box perfect for safe travel. It also enhances your whisky drinking experience, real kudos and connoisseur vibes. Along with a sip from the most beautiful of glasses, makes the whisky experience less about science and more about memories.

We have teamed up with Edinburgh Whisky Academy to allow you to put your academic achievements to use and try our glassware with an exclusive discount to Alumni.