Cigars and Whisky: The Ultimate Combination 

                    A brief encounter from our friend Daniel Stauffer

Did you know that many cigars have complex flavours ranging from earthy and spicy to creamy and nutty... yup, all the best flavours. Similarly whisky, (especially single malt or aged varieties) also offer a wide range of flavours including smoky, peaty, sweet, or fruity flavours. When paired correctly, the flavours and aromas of both the cigar and whisky can enhance and complement each other. Make sure to check out Cigar and Whisky and More Great Cigar Pairings to learn more about the perfect combinations. 

Pairing your favourite dram with a cigar is definitely the way to go, whether you're an expert on whisky and cigar flavours or simply want to experiment with all the combinations. When's a better time to do it then now?

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The Angels Share refers to the portion of whisky that is lost to evaporation during the aging process in barrels! It is said that this whisky is 'shared' to the angels that watch over the barrels. Therefore making it the 'Angels Share' check out for Angels Share cigars. The Fuente Fuente OpusX Angels Share is a full-bodied Dominican puro sporting a wrapper from the tobacco plant's middle priming!

What's your go-to Whisky and Cigar combination?