From time to time it's nice to hear what other Scottish Companies are up to during this difficult time for tourism and Scotland,  so we have asked Away from the Ordinary, a luxury travel operator who offer bespoke experiences in Scotland, to give us their viewpoint and information on how they pivoted to provide digital whisky experiences early in the pandemic.

With people unable to travel to Scotland, the company saw bespoke digital whisky tastings as a way of taking would-be-travellers on a Scottish journey; a way of letting them explore the culture and the history, at a time when they couldn't physically be here.

Happily, the tastings have proven to be a big success, especially in the US, and interest continues to grow. Clients have come back to tastings 3, 4 or 5 times, and word is spreading. Away from the Ordinary already had a good base of clients in various locations, but the digital tastings have meant the company have become truly global.

Aeneas O'Hara, the CEO and founder, is a whisky enthusiast and has been hosting small private physical tastings since 2017. It was important to him that the essence of the bespoke travel experiences Away from the Ordinary provide also transferred in to the tastings. With that in mind, the whisky digital experiences are fully tailored and unique, with no two being the same. Away from the Ordinary cap the numbers of each tasting, the whiskies tend to be a little more rare and exciting, and conversation is always encouraged. They have recently just started offering decadent cheese and chocolate whisky pairings, which has created additional demand.

In the last two months, Away from the Ordinary have also launched 'Watch with Whisky'. The Watch with Whisky series allows attendees to gain a deeper and more meaningful connection to classic Scottish films, by carefully pairing exciting whiskies with relevant key cinematic scenes. The Scottish company has meticulously curated five select whiskies which perfectly enhance the viewer's experiences of both specific scenes and the film as a whole. After they have signed up for the experience, the viewer will receive the malts, and instructions of when to drink the whiskies during the film. The instructions will include exact scene times, along with brief descriptions on why this specific whisky has been chosen to pair with the scene.

Away from the Ordinary currently offer Thunderball, Local Hero, Whisky Galore!, and Braveheart, with more titles coming in 2021. More details can be found here -

For bespoke virtual whisky tastings, or fully tailored travel to Scotland, please get in touch via

At Angels' Share Glass we are delighted to supply Away From The Ordinary with our glassware for their tastings and gifting for their clients.

Another great example of Scottish Business working together!