Sitting at home all day can get tedious, did you know some Scotch Whisky distilleries and worldwide museums have set up virtual tours so you can enjoy their location and exhibits without leaving your safe environment.

Ever wanted to tour some of Islay's famous distilleries? Or were you waiting for the perfect time to check out that new exhibit at the museum?

A lot of museums, distilleries and galleries have taken this time to upload virtual tours of their premises. Whether you are looking to educate yourself during your time off or perhaps you've always wanted to visit but just never found the time? We've compiled a list of all the best virtual tours to help pass the time.

Laphroaig's 360 Distillery Tour

National History Museum London

The National Gallery London

San Diego Zoo

We have chosen a few that we find interesting, however, if you are looking for more then GoodHousekeeping have made a larger list.

Everyone stay safe during this time and look after one another.