But why?

Purely by coincidence, the launch of our new gin pig has coincided with Chinese Year and also the fact this year, 2019, is the year of the pig... BUT what does "The Year of the Pig" mean?

The pig is the twelve animal of a twelve-year cycle, as this is the twelve year of the Chinese Zodiac then this year belongs to the pig.

Year of the Pig - Chinese Zodiac

But wait, there is another level; there is more than one pig in the Chinese Zodiac, every 12 years when it is the turn of the pig five symbols rotate with the animal, Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold and Water. This year is Earth Pig.  These five symbols also rotate with the other eleven Zodiac animals, this is not exclusive to the pig.

The year that you are born and the animal symbol that you fall under has great importance in telling your fortune, providing you with lucky numbers and also helping you find your perfect match.  The function and belief of the Chinese Zodiac system, at a base level, is not too dissimilar to the Western Zodiac, however, the main difference is the time period they are based on. The Chinese Astrologers base their system on the moon and it's lunar cycles, while the Western Astrologers base theirs on the solar cycle and apply this to months as opposed to years. 

The similarities continue with slight differences:

Some common ground; both have two things in common, they are both approx. 5,000 years old and have 12 zodiac signs. Below are the Western and Chinese equivalents:

  • Sagittarius - Rat
  • Capricorn - Buffalo
  • Aquarius - Tiger
  • Pisces - Rabbit
  • Aries - Dragon
  • Taurus - Snake
  • Gemini - Horse
  • Cancer - Goat
  • Leo - Monkey
  • Virgo - Rooster
  • Libra - Dog
  • Scorpio - Pig

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