From December  Anne-Sophie will open her Advent Calendar, taste her dram and then publish her tasting notes and thoughts on each of the whiskies on the Angels’ Share Glass blog.

She’ll also be posting photos on Instagram - - for those who want to take a closer look at the surprise dram every morning.

There are 25 miniatures for Anne-Sophie to taste - each one from independent bottlers and many at cask strength – with an extra special whisky for Christmas Day.

As Anne-Sophie kicks off her tasting notes

Whisky advent Calendar - Day 3

Lost Distillery Co. – Jericho

Nose : Rubbery and quite malty with red berries, dark chocolate, raisins and a hint of peanut butter (or maybe that’s just me ?). There’s also a certain smokiness in the very background with earthy tones which instantly remind me of an afternoon walk in the forest, just after the rain, when the soil is still damp and you have to wear your rain boots…

Palate : Thick and fruity with sherried aromas, hot spices, cinnamon bark, sultanas, plums and some ripe raspberries. Drier towards the end.

Finish : Medium and rather dry with coffee grounds and wood spices.

Recommended Food Pairing : mushroom risotto