Here in our Studio in Bridge of Allan we quickly reach capacity, so much of the time we rely on our Glassblowers to produce for us from their own home studios or workshops.

Our range of Skilled Glass Artists and Glassblowers stretches all over Scotland. From The Highlands to the Lowlands.

All creating designs for us or working in tandem to produce components and stock. Demand is steadily increasing for UK made glassware and we are so glad we have the resources and good friends and contacts to oblige. We tap into their individual skills to create our own designs.

We'd like to put the faces behind the pieces and commend them for their skills and professionalism when collaborating or working for us.

Master Glassblower Tom Young MBE heads up the glass class and many of our glassblowers have received training or technical assistance from Tom over the years. Director Karen's husband Emmet is in training to keep the family skills alive.

Tom  em


Ian is way up in Thurso having worked with Tom and together were involved with the British Association of Scientific Glassblowers. Ian specialises in our angel decorations and glasses especially at Christmas time when it's extra busy 


Sean is our main producer and makes our droppers ,our bespoke droppers and our baubles. Keeping everything uniform and making lots of them is his forte.

  sean2  sean

John makes the big stuff and also helps create weird and wonderful items such as our Glass Dispensers for refill stations and glass liners.

john   scottglass

Brian & Craig help with the Spirit Bowls they have been helping us make Tom's original Millennium design Spirit Bowl since 2000.

Then we have our fused glass artists;

Emma collaborated most recently with our Distillery Reflections and Alicia  makes our fused tartan hearts and tartan glass pieces for our Angels.

emma  alicia mac

These fabulous creative people are the faces behind our wonderful brand.

Of course, there are lots more who create our packaging, our candles and our Tartan all of whom are based in Scotland.

This is our legacy pledge. We hope to create  a continued resource of glassblowers and glass artists in this country able to produce glassware not just for the giftware and luxury market but for the industry and manufacturing sector too. Keeping our products sustainable and having the lowest carbon footprint we can.

When you purchase our products you are not only buying from a Family Business you are also investing in all these creatives too.