All of us at Angels' Share Glass are very familiar with Whisky distillery tours, with many of us having toured distilleries across all five Scotch Whisky regions.  It's surprising that even with Scotch whisky following the exact same process from barley to cask it can be fascinating to see with your own eyes the nuances which each distillery has that makes their spirit and whisky different from the next one.

Tasting rooms, coffee shops, restaurants, gift shops and bars are also a relatively new addition to the whisky distillery tour experience helping too entice us to stay longer and enjoy more.  With over 90 distilleries in Scotland offering a tour experience it may become difficult to chose which ones to visit if you have limited time.  

Another factor to consider is the knowledgeable passionate tour guide, they alone can make the difference between a tour to a mind blowing hour of pure facts, old tales and the history of the dram. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the whisky distilleries who are offering tours. Click here.

Lets turn our attention to Gin distilleries, they are popping up all over Scotland on the mainland and the islands, with many already offering a tour and tasting experience, earning 4 and 5 star visitor attraction ratings. But what ones should you visit, who is going that extra mile?

Below we have compiled a list of four top Scottish Gin distilleries that are currently offering tours.

1. Edinburgh Gin - Boutique 5 star distillery, advance online booking only. Plus point: easy to access, as conveniently location in Edinburgh City Centre. 

2. Beinn An Tuirc - A youngster in the Scottish Gin arena.  Location near the tip of the Kintyre peninsula close to Carradale, Torrisdale Castle Estate. Plus point:  Has a tasting room and is close to the beach.

3. Eden Mill - Set in the popular tourist town of St. Andrews, providing easy public transport routes. Plus point: Offers tasting experiences also.

4. Isle of Harris Gin - No one really needs an excuse to visit this stunning island. Harris distillery has been distilling gin in Tarbert since 2015.  Plus point: Known as the "Social Distillery", due to the local hospitality.

Note: Our local Gin distillery - Stirling Gin will be starting tours in their new distillery this Autumn, click here for more details.

Want to know where more gin distilleries are located in Scotland, click here.

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