Dec 16 - Samaroli - Islay 8yo (undisclosed distillery)

Nose: oh hey, hello peat! You've come with your big muddy boots today! If you still think Islay is all about peaty whiskies, this one is definitely not here to prove the contrary... Still, I quite enjoy its big-smack-in-the-face vibe with a coastal/briny influence also showing some aromas of driftwood and pine resin. Feels a bit like spending the evening in a fisherman bothy along the wild shores of a Nordic island (right my kind of holiday mood at the moment!)

Palate: No surprise here, the nose gave away quite a lot already and this big peaty cloud is still very much around. Bitter and drier notes appear towards the end. There's not much complexity or underlying subtle notes in this dram but if you like a nice peaty dram, this one would perfectly fit the bill!

Finish: medium with earthy notes.

Food Pairing: honey bonbons