This week is full of celebrations for us! 

Tuesday the 27th was National Scotch Day, how were you celebrating?

Scotch Day

National Scotch Day is where we gather together and appreciate the wonders of scotch whisky.

Did you know, only Whisky produced in Scotland can called scotch?

This is due to the SWA laws that protect scotch. For a whisky to be scotch it must be distilled, matured AND bottled in Scotland. This law has protected our whisky for years now and allowed our distilleries to flourish.

National Friendship Day, is tomorrow! (Friday the 30th) It's like Scotch & friendship actually "go the gither"
Friendship within the whisky industry is fundamental, it is a great way to make new friends and perhaps rekindle with old friends. Our iconic Friendship Set, this set can be customised for you - with two Angels' Share Spirit Glasses, a miniature bottle of scotch whisky and our Award-Winning Whisky Water Dropper or 3 Angels' Share Spirit Glasses and Water Dropper! This brilliant little set is great for two people to sit back and enjoy a wee dram together.
This would be a fantastic gift for a loved one or a friend. If you would like to make this gift extra special, why not have it engraved!
Don't forget we launched some amazing new products last week! 
new products
What every you get up to this weekend we hope it's a good one
Slainte mhath!