Here at Angels' Share Glass, we take a lot of inspiration from our gorgeous country,  Scotland, many of our products are inspired by our local surroundings!

We currently have a collection of products that focus on mythical creatures, specifically Scotland's much loved mythical creatures.

Our Unicorn Droppers represents Scotland's national animal! These mythological Unicorns embody purity, so we can think of no better symbolic representation for our water droppers than this proud, legendary creature.

Our Kelpie Droppers are incredibly unique and if you visit Falkirk you can see these majestic creatures on which our droppers are modelled from. These droppers are exclusively available at The Kelpies & The Helix Visitor Centre and on our website.

We have two products that are inspired by the infamous Loch Ness Monster our Nessie Dropper and our Limited Edition Loch Ness Monster. Both of which are focused on capturing the true essence of 'Nessie' and as we like to say 'grab one quick before he disappears into the dark depths.'


Quick Quiz

  1. Which whisky uses a Unicorn as it's logo? 

A)  Fettercairn   B)  Sassenach   C) Glenfiddich

      2. Nessie is often spotted on which Loch?

A)  Loch Long     B) Loch Ness     C) Loch Scary

      3. What are the two Clydesdale horses called which inspired the kelpie sculptures?

A) Robson & Jerome  B) Billy & Bert     C) Baron & Duke

      4. Unicorns are flightless, true or false?

A) True     B) False     C) Only in movies

      5. Where would you find the Unicorn and Lion staircase?

A) Glasgow University  B) Edinburgh princes Street   C) Stirling Castle