Finally we have the third and final part of our Distillery tour musts in 2022!
Even though our distillery recommendations are coming to an end, summer isn't! So there's still plenty of time to book yourself a tour and get out this summer. P.s- make sure you're on the lookout for some of the Angels' Share goodies while you're touring the distilleries, we promise you they're hiding in there somewhere! and if you can't make it to the distilleries you can as always purchase through our website!
But for now here are our final distillery tour recommendations!
Starting off strong in beautiful Islay we have:
Tour prices from £22

Lagavulin is known to be one of the oldest distilleries on Islay and is primarily known for its smoky, peaty whiskies. Located in the beautiful Scottish Islay you're missing out by not viewing the gorgeous landscapes while tasting the whisky. Did you know we love the Lagavulin Distillery so much we've even made a 'Distillery Reflection' which is available to purchase on our website.

Lagavulin Distillery Reflection


Tour prices from £10

This farm distillery is a vibrant family-owned distillery and is the only single malt scotch whisky distillery in Islay. It is truly something unique and definitely worth a visit with multiple types of tours running throughout the day. There new giftshop is stunning and you can find Kilchoman Angels' Share products there.

 Campbeltown is the place to be this summer! While you're there, check out these distilleries and see if you can spot some of the Angels' Share.


Tour prices from £10

The Springbank Distillery is housed in a beautiful old-style building dated all the way back to 1828. It's a hard one to miss with all the whisky barrels stacked up outside of it!  It is also one of the few distilleries who still do their own malting. Not only tours you can try your hand at being a distiller there too with their exclusive packages.

Glen Scotia

Tours from £20

Glen Scotia is known for their award-winning whisky and iconic historical building dating all the way back to the 1830s. Located next to the Campbeltown Loch you sure don't want to miss the sight-seeing and whisky tasting. 

Springbank Distillery Barrels

 See, we weren't kidding about the barrels at Springbank!


Thank you for tuning into the last part of the Distillery tour musts! We hope we have inspired you to take a little road-trip to one (or more!) of these distilleries! Let us know if you have, or are planning on visiting any of these and if you managed to spot any bespoke Angels' Share goodies while you were inside!


As always, if you couldn't make it to these distilleries you can still purchase our products via our website!


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