This week we have had the opportunity to celebrate two days that are very important to us! 

National Scotch Day was on Monday the 27th, a perfect opportunity to have a dram and appreciate it for all it’s worth. 

National Scotch Day is where we gather together and appreciate the wonders of scotch whisky. Only Whisky produced in Scotland can called scotch and this is due to the SWA laws that protect scotch. For a whisky to be scotch it must be distilled, matured AND bottled in Scotland. This law has protected our whisky for years now and allowed our distilleries to flourish.

Whisky Tasting Set 

As for National Friendship Day, which is today (Thursday, 30th) is also very important to us. Friendship within the whisky industry is fundamental, it is a great way to make new friends and perhaps rekindle with old friends. Our iconic Friendship Set, this set will come with 2 classic Glencairn glasses and a miniature bottle of scotch whisky. This brilliant little set is great for two people to sit back and enjoy a wee dram together. This would be a fantastic gift for a loved one or a friend. If you would like to make this gift extra special, why not have it engraved!


Let us know how you chose to celebrate, we are always keen to see pictures of your Angels' Share goodies in action!


Stay Safe x