Here at Angels' Share Glass we love collaborating with other Scottish companies. We also love creating things that are a bit unusual and out of the box!

After Prickly Thistle helped us to manufacture our own tartan, talk then began about a joint project.

We decided on our project, The Luxury Washboard. Director, Karen was inspired by the GlassQueen Washboards vintage washboards seen in many pubs and farmhouses, used to wash your clothes. 
These have already been such a success over on Prickly Thistle's website, that the first batch is already sold out! So they are now available to pre-order as we wait for more to be made.
We designed these with multiple uses in mind, whether you intend to use them to wash more luxury woolens and delicate items or maybe you would rather keep it as an ornamental piece on display for guests to see.
Maybe you have some more unique things planned for your washboard, like using it as a cheeseboard for guests now that would be a conversation starter.
Here is a snippet from Prickly Thistle's diary entry;
'Recently Angels’ Share Glass co-authored their own bespoke tartan design with us. With such strong connections between our teams, we felt inspired to solidify our relationship further through a new collaboration that celebrates the intersection of glass, tartan and whisky – a ‘Made in Scotland’ fusion of Prickly Thistle and Angels Share – the Rebel Washboard.

In times before machines, the humble washboard with its corrugated grooves was used to scrub the dirt out of clothes – nothing short of hard graft! Originally believed to have been made exclusively from wood, they developed to metal sheeting for durability before glass was introduced as the most sustainable material for them after WWII.

Naturally, this Rebel Washboard is made from reclaimed materials; the wood is up-cycled whisky barrel staves, the glass is repurposed privacy windowpanes, and the entire thing is coated in raw linseed oil to make it food safe.'

As a Scottish Glass Designer and Manufacturer We pride ourselves in our patience our willingness to meets clients demands and produce high quality Scottish Made Products.

We have many more bespoke projects to share with you in the coming months.

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