Today we can exclusively reveal some exciting news! Our unique Angels’ Share Glass droppers are set for a new use - artificially inseminating thoroughbred horses.

We’ve been commissioned by the British Racehorse Breeding Authority (BRBA) to create a slightly larger than usual dropper which will be used for the artificial insemination of mares.

And the first stallion to test the dropper will be the winner of next Saturday’s Grand National Race at Aintree.

Angels’ Share Glass Managing Director Karen Somerville admits she was surprised by the rather unusual request but didn’t hesitate to say `yes’.

She explains:

“I was contacted by an official from the BRBA asking whether it was possible to create a dropper which could do the job of impregnating mares."

“They’d heard about our unique whisky water droppers thanks to the publicity around my dad, Tom Young, being awarded an MBE for glassmaking and thought they’d be ideal."

“I figured nothing is impossible and said it was `neigh bother’ - we’d be delighted to help."

“We’re just putting the finishing touches to the dropper and it’ll then be sent off to the BRBA ready for action.”

Whichever horse wins the Grand National on April 8 will be the first to go out to stud with a little help from Angels’ Share Glass.

Once collected, the horse’s sperm will be transferred via the dropper into a specially selected mare which is being kept at a secret location until the process is complete.

If she becomes pregnant, the organisation plans to roll out a special new breeding programme combining the talents of horse racing winners and Angels’ Share Glass droppers to produce the champions of the future.

Rupert Campbell-Black, President of the BRBA, said:

“Plastic pipettes have traditionally been used to inseminate mares but we figured we could develop a higher success rate by switching to glass." 

“Some research led us to Scotland and the Angels’ Share Glass whisky water droppers and we were delighted to find the perfect product was already available."

“The firm has promised that a bit of tweaking to the size can bring the droppers up to the 21 inches needed for insemination and we’re looking forward to taking charge of the finished product."

“We’re really excited about the collaboration with Angels’ Share Glass and reckon we’re all onto a real winner here!”