This Valentine’s Day, we hope to make you smile with a special love story and how our Angels had a unique share in it!

It all began when our loyal customer Colin Clark came up with an unusual way to propose to his partner, Elaine – using one of our gorgeous handblown glass baubles.

The hand-decorated baubles come with the choice of a whisky quote sealed inside - or customers can add their own personalised message.

Colin became the first customer to use the baubles for a proposal when he gave Elaine a bauble sealed with the words: “Will You Marry Me?” in December.

A surprised and delighted Elaine immediately said `Yes’ and the couple, who live in Edinburgh, are set to marry in the city next month.

 Elaine says: “We’ve been together for 24 years so it was a bit of a surprise.

“Colin came home on December the 17th and handed me a bag with the bauble in it. I had no idea what was coming when I opened it up and was amazed when I read the words asking “Will you Marry Me?”

“I said `Yes’ of course and we’re now looking forward to our wedding day. It was a lovely idea of Colin’s and the bauble is just beautiful.”

Elaine has since ordered another commemorative bauble to keep alongside the first inscribed with the words: “I Said Yes 17/12/16.”

The couple are having another bauble made to mark their wedding date and plan to complete their collection with a fourth keepsake to celebrate their first anniversary.

Colin says: “I always like to do things a bit differently and the idea to ask Elaine to marry me this way just came into my head suddenly."

“She loves Christmas and our house ends up looking like a Christmas grotto every year so it was the perfect way for me to propose. It was quite a romantic gesture and I’m delighted with how everything has turned out."

“It’s lovely to have the glass baubles to look back on and to capture the memory.”

The team at Angels’ Share Glass are most impressed with Colin’s ingenuity and delighted at the chance to share such a happy story!

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We wish Colin and Elaine all the best for their wedding next month – and would love to hear from any other customers who’ve used our products in an unusual way.

If that’s you, why not get in touch?!