Back in 2014 just as Angels' Share Glass was taking flight we thought about producing limited release Whisky Angels, these Angels would be filled only with rare, interesting or limited Whisky. 

As we have a keen interest in the Scotch Whisky industry and work closely with many distillers we understand that the limited edition distillery release of a much sought after dram was always of interest.  So, we thought we could mimic a similar idea with Whisky Angels.

This addition to our online store has been exciting to watch grow.  Each year when we choose the bottlings we then innovatively design an angel that suits the mood, taste and branding of that Whisky. 

It would be no surprise to our regular customers that our first limited release angel was in fact filled with Deanston Limited Edition Spanish Oak Single Malt Whisky, our local distillery. Due to the success of our first limited release we looked to Deanston again and later that year we produced three limited angels, fashioned in gold, silver and bronze presented together on a podium, reflecting the Commonwealth Games which were held in Glasgow that year. In addition each Angel, once hand filled, is authenticated and individually numbered.  The limited release journey had well and truly begun. 

Still in 2014 came our Bannockburn 700th Anniversary Angel, filled with Glenfarclas 2007 bottle number 123. Complete with red wings and tartan wrapped gift box.

Arran Whisky Festival Angel

Throughout 2015 and 2016 we released several limited Angels which held rare and sought after whiskies, including, Ardbeg 17yo, Port Ellen 1983, Ardbeg 40yo and Arran 2016 Festival Bottling.  The majority of these releases were of 25 Angels only, primarily due to only being able to comfortably get 25 25ml from each bottle.

Ardbeg Whisky Angel

Our most recent Angels are Springbank Burgundy, Aberlour A'bunadh Batch 60 and laterly Glendronach 15 year old Revival, see image below. 

So, in 2018 we have now set a standard and look forward to designing and imagining our next Limited Release Whisky Angels.  Bearing in mind with over 100 single malt whisky distilleries in Scotland I am sure we won't have any problems finding our next dram to lock inside our unique angels.  "It's not your whisky it's the angels".

Glendronach Whisky Angel

Keep your eyes peeled for our next limited release angel collection.