Whisky Tasting Set - Extra Large - ASG Glass & Jug

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When you just have to have all the options, you need a Whisky Tasting Set with Water Jug Pitcher, Whisky Water Dropper and Angels' Share Spirit Glass on its own oak stave stand is the ultimate answer.

This is the perfect gift for the whisky fanatic in your life or as an anniversary gift, wedding gift, corporate gift or retirement gift.

The stand is made from an oak barrel stave and you have the option from our three variations of our award-winning whisky water dropper. Pot Still, Angel or Thistle. All beautifully boxed for safe travel.

How to use A Tasting set like a connoisseur;

Pour heartily but don't fill your glass, you want a small measure.
Swirl the whisky, so it coats the glass, then breathe deeply with your nose over the top of the glass, try it whilst keeping your mouth open.
Add a drop of water to your glass using our award-winning water dropper.
now sip! move the whisky around in your mouth, almost chewing it.
Take note of the aromas and scents you find through nosing the whisky and then note the flavours you find through tasting it

*We use actual whisky barrel staves the grain and colours may vary in the oak. This will also include ring marks and charring.

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